hey whats up guys thos is my blog im kelly jasper stewart and i have alot to say about unfairness and not getting reconized and i am here to talk to all you people about it ok so guys im in track right and im a thrower and for you guys that dont know what a thrower is its someone who throwers shots and disc.so bieng a thrower means you dont get alot of reconition it means that the runners are always going to be above you no matter what.but the thing about is that coaches are always supposed to be fair but thats no what happens my coach dont even coming over there with us throwers she just stays with the sprinters and yeah that makes us feel alittle less appritated sorry if i spelt that wrong but the thing about it is this when you desided you wanted to be a coach you took owner ship of all you students not just the ones that you want to watch even tho us throwers are racking in most of yourpoints just say well this is me kelly giving you a little piece of my mind


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